To Disrupt (verb): To radically change an industry or product by introducing a new product or service that creates a new or better market

Disruptor (noun): the entrepreneur or business challenging that status quo.  We want to hear your story.  Please send your business plan to info@crfventures.com

CRF Ventures is involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.


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About Us

CRF Ventures was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and networking guidance. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level. For details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.

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CRF Ventures:

Creating opportunity based on Four Fundamental Pillars: 
Trust. Innovation. Machine Learning/Advanced Technology. Experience.

CRF Ventures is a private investment fund that makes primarily equity investments in early stage companies that offer a truly disruptive product, service, or solution that has the potential to revolutionize an industry. Led by a CEO that transformed leveraging extensive expertise in the most advanced forms of machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technological innovations, our partnerships are built on so much more than just capital; this deep expertise combined with our extensive experience in building successful startups, should help you build the pathway towards success. When you partner with us, our investment in your business is more than just financial; our Founder is also the CEO of a leading FinTech platform that is transforming the alternative lending space, and, in many ways, we are living the same world you are one day at a time. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to drive your company forward.

Why Us: Don't let your business fail by failing for the “growth at all costs” trap of the traditional Venture Capital model. Often, finding the right financial partner for your business can be the difference between a highly successful business and a failure. And that's something we fully internalize, have already lived through our collective start-up and investment banking experience, and truly appreciate. There are so many different business strategies that have all built successful start-ups, and success or failure is so often looked at as a result of management performance, underlying market understanding, technology, and innovation. But, there’s one key component that is often over-looked that can make even the best companies fail, despite offering a truly transformative product, state-of-the-art technology, and a strong, innovative management team: picking the wrong partner and/or not understanding the objectives of Venture Capital Investors.

Here’s a secret your Venture Capital investor won’t tell you: their model is to come to a final result as quickly as possible, regardless of success or failure. If a Venture Capital company makes ten investments, they’ll drive seven failures, one single, one double, and one home run.  And as long as they get that “home run”, it’s so wildly profitable for them that they can afford to ignore the other nine investments – in other words, make it or break it, and do it as quickly as possible. Our partners have built successful companies with Venture Capital backers, but they knew that risk and knew how to manage it to be “that home run”. The Venture Capital model does not properly align investors and entrepreneurs properly; Venture Capital funds need to return their money as quickly as they can to their investors, and have little tolerance for steady, smart growth. Conversely, we take a long-term view of your business and our fund does not impose such time constraints. This concept is one of the most over-looked mistakes a start-up makes, and can be the ONLY difference between a start-up that failed, and one that turned into a public company.

Technology & Innovation: Our team and operating partners understand the most advanced forms of technology and can provide our partners guidance. Holistically, we know these advancements will, sooner than most believe, become the underlying foundation for a more secure, more efficient, and lower cost daily life for all of us. Imagine a decentralized, digital world -- likely via a form of blockchain -- where your various attributes -- such as name, address, work history, and medical records to name a few -- start to work together dynamically to turn YOUR currently independent identity that is subject to errors, inefficiency, and fraud into a single self-sovereign identity (all via a single key) that YOU control.  This can be done on a form of block-chain through a distributed trust model, eliminating the risk of identity fraud or the need for 3rd parties such as the credit bureau behind the recent data breach. Very few investors understand the most advanced technology and the multitude of its applications better than we do, and we provide that extensive institutional knowledge to our partners to help them build more than just a business. And not only do we see the near future that seems unimaginable to most as fully identifiable and realistic, but we are building businesses that are laying that foundation of the world and each of our own identities.

Focus: The Fund's focus is on finding equity is open with investments in companies that are revolutionizing their respective spaces. Current portfolio companies include investments in financial technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, real estate, luxury watch distribution, and health & fitness. 

Fund is open for new investments, targeting disruptors in a new line of an industry or a revolutionary take on an old product. Contact us at info@crfventures.com for additional details. 


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